Pes Boleiros Internacional V9 [PES 2012] Pes Boleiros Internacional V9 [PES 2012]

Pes Boleiros Internacional V9 [PES 2012]

Konami makes and remakes Boleiros!
The Pes Boleiros launches another great patch for your personal 2012, continuing in Project International.

* 100% Updated to date 13/02/12
* Leagues teams complete with the Brasileirão Petrobras, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA, Premier Legue, Series A, Eredivise, Liga Sagres, and other leagues around the world!
* UEFA replacing Libertadores (as well as the Intercontinental Patch – just opposite).
* Signs exclusive Paulistão 2012.
* KITS extremely updated until the release date of it.
* Unique Logos updated HD (256×256).
* Balls major championships to date.
* Approximately 100 faces of Brazilian clubs.
* All clubs (except selections) available to play FL.
* Included in Other Leagues Brasileirão (America) so there are no freeloaders (ex Sao Paulo in the Europa League).

Images of Game:

-> Soon Fixes correction kits, faces and names wrong!

Team: Eliel, Josean, Leirbag7, Leo Rottweiler, Luan17, Marcelo Sales, Neto Bettini, ONG, Pedrão, Pedro Igor, Ralphe Mendes, Renawolv and Rodriguinho.
Contributors: PSD, Jenkey1002, Edu, Ismir84, Igor Bastos, Barcafan and Jemerson

Pes Boleiros Internacional V9 [PES 2012]



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