[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1

[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1

[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1

[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch Update v1

The Update v.1 of the FINAL version for PES 2012 from ProGamerZ.Gr is here! The following patch includes:


  • Corrected stats for all the players.
  • New transfers till 6/3/12.
  • Updated “Laiki Trapeza League” with new logo.
  • 250+ new 3D faces for Superleague and other leagues.
  • New realistic camera.
  • Corrected kits for all the teams.
  • Updated HQ NOVASPORTS and NET scoreboard according to the last updates.
  • New HD turfs for all the stadiums.
  • New 3D stadium “Karaiskakis” with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • New 3D stadium  ”Κλεάνθης Βικελίδης” with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • New 3D stadium  ”Γεντί Κουλέ” with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • New turf in OAKA.
  • Fixed bug in AEL ARENA.
  • New 3D stadium “La Bombonera”  with HD turf and lightmaps.
  • Updated Toumba Stadium with new turf.
  • New coreo in some stadiums (Juventus Arena,Giuseppe Meazza).
  • New wallpapers.
  • Updated song list.
  • New HQ graphics instead of maps.
  • Corrected ProGamerZ.Gr Switcher
  • New HD balls.
  • New chants.
  • Compatibility with DLC 3.00.
  • Updated Kitserver modules.

-Project Leaders-
Mitsaras4, .::kostas::., SundayLover, TheSlayer, stefz0r

-Option file and Database System-
Mitsaras4 , .::kostas::., Anorthosisfc, SundayLover, PESEdit.com

Anorthosisfc, Mitsaras4 , Antonic, SundayLover, stefz0r, Çhяìstös, TheSlayer, green_w0lf

Çhяìstös, Anorthosisfc, argypaok, .::kostas::., Antonic, kostas212, Σωτηράκης, Jordi, -Gazor-,  .:Jontho:., Matrix Team, PESEdit.com

pesfaces.co.uk, Σωτηράκης, Adam99, alex13, Djtony, BlackRider1993, Cigman, godra94, HD3011, Joesitoh, Josemigol,
Kevski1991, locoloco, Onny, MichalGrau, Poncho0212, Starkiller , teiker17, ElNino9, dato1988ts, Agiga, ReZtart, AnatZ, tbvsac, Tunizizou, nickless,  andyli00, Facundo

SundayLover,  -Lavdakos-, johnnytrs,  twich, Ema1993

argypaok,  Mitsaras4 , SundayLover, .::Nikoc::.

Football Manager 2011/2012

-Μητσάρας-, SundayLover

Antonic, Ραφαήλ, SundayLover, TheSlayer, stefz0r, .::Dimitric::.,  .::Nikoc::., chris_aris, Stavrello M, .::Pyrros::.,Μιχάληs, kostas212

This patch is supported by  byteme.gr

Credits to: hany3, PEStinatoR, milan84, stranxk, KO,Hawke, PrettyMarlon, Th3Sc0St1L3R, Omar Ahmed, MxSoNiC, ezosk, enzo, Tottimas, xpertvision, drunkr, vantrung1408, barcafan, juce, obocaman, NeC, w!Ld@, jenkey1002, BlackMagic10, -Panos-, starmann65, Hicksville, 羽化菩提, Fenomeno_10, GENKO06, PESCyprus.net, yair25, Marco_Unico, Jovan, milosh-96, Joseph77, -cave, Chingoedw, SKILLS_ROONEY, cheiroun, mota10, Enzo))7((






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