PES 2012 Ultimate Patch 0.9 + UTM EXE Tool + Update 0.9.1

PES 2012 Ultimate Patch 0.9 + UTM EXE Tool + Update 0.9.1

– Install DLC 3.00
– Install Update 0.9.1
– Select TEXT FORMAT (UPPER or Special) to apply modifications

Here : PES 2012 Ultimate Patch 0.9

UPDATE 0.9.1 (DLC 3.00 Compatible) Download :


UTM EXE Tool :

This tool allow you to make copatible all 1.03 exe to Ultimate Patch
Download Download UTM EXE Tool :


1 – Load your exe (“File” => “Load Exe”)
2 – Click on “Apply UTM Settings”
3 – Select your 2nd division map (example: England for Championship)
4 – Save your exe (“File” => “Save Exe”)
5 – Rename your exe as “utm2012.exe” and copy to your game folder
6 – Attach utmserver to your exe (run manager.exe as administrator)

If a kitserver is already attached, “Detach” first, and try to “Attach” again.


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